Core game analytics.

We help midcore and hardcore game developers boost their games' performance.

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Let the numbers talk.

Star Crusade


Reached a 50% win rate per faction in PvP.

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TOP 10

Chosen for the Top 10 PS4 games of 2016 list
by the Verge magazine.

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Repeatedly featured in the Apple Store and
Google Play throughout 2016.

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Became the #1 top selling game
for November 2015 on Steam.

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Space Engineers

What the Hen

Over 100

More than 100 UI/UX suggestions by
Cellense implemented in the soft launch phase.

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We're in good company.

Keen Software House
Pixel Federation
Nox Games
Tiny Soft
Charged Monkey
Datcroft Games

What can we do for you?

Game business analytics

Complete analytical infrastructure set-up to deliver reliable and trustworthy KPIs to the whole dev team with weekly consulting sessions. We create an individual set of analyses for each team member.

Level design analytics

We’ve built up an extensive knowledge base on how to analyse and tweak gameplay difficulty as well as content pacing in games with linear-level progression to maximize the game’s business performance.

First-time UX optimization

Our detailed onboarding analysis will help you spot any underperfoming portions of your game and find the best approach to enhance them through A/B testing.

Retention growth-hacking

We work closely with your game and level designers to validate hypotheses and suggest possible improvements and modifications.

LiveOps & player segmentation

To ensure a long tail is maintained for the game, we help your developers set-up measurments and provide content that is fine-tuned for each player segment.

Evaluating a game’s potential

We work closely with VCs and game startups that are looking for funding to evaluate their game’s business potential and provide target market research.

You're good with us.


Nobody can be an expert in everything. To deliver the best results, we specialize only in the games which we play ourselves.


We already have a deep understanding of the process of game development, production and marketing, so we quickly become an effective part of your team.

Platform independence

We aren't bound to any tool or platform - we always use the most suitable combination of best-in-class utilities and services for the job, along with our own custom-made in-house solutions.

Long-term partnership

We've already been working together with most of our clients for several years, with some projects having transitioned into co-development mode with a revenue share deal in place.

We’re gamers ourselves

When we aren't analysing games, you'll probably still find us playing them.

Cells make Cellense.

Our Cells are independent teams that specialize in certain types of games.

Meet our dedicated team.

Ivan Trančík

Founder & CEO

Jakub Trančík


Martin Strapko

Senior Game Analyst

Jakub Marek

Senior Game Analyst

Peter Šulík

Game Analyst

Osama Hassanein

Technical Lead

Josip Bujas

Senior Game Design Consultant

Jakub Motyl

Senior Analyst