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Our Clients

Our clients are fast-growing game companies that are looking to kickstart their Live-Ops, business-development and analytical capabilities.

What we do

We provide complete pre-launch and post-launch business-driven Live Game Operations support. We specialise in competitive/eSports and sandbox/survival games for (mid-)core player audience.

Our Job

We set up analytical and BI infrastructures, ready to answer business related questions.

We monitor current game performance to identify business bottlenecks and opportunities.

We supervise personnel across analytics, development, marketing, business and customer service teams, driven by business objectives in a fast moving environment.

Why Live Game operations?

If you have a free-2-play game, multiplayer/competitive title, or a game with a vibrant community, you are no longer shiping retail product, but rather providing service to the players - game-as-a-service. Developing and launching such game is only a first step. Ensuring its success requires ongoing management of all tasks ranging from production and marketing to technical and community management challenges. This is called “Live Game Operations”.

Without proper Live Game Operations in place, the best case scenario is that the game won’t reach its full potential. In the worst case scenario the game will fail completely..

Running a successful Live Game Operations is a hard and ongoing task. It requires experience and proficiency in multiple areas, not to mention sufficient manpower needed for the sheer amount of tasks. We provide both.

About Us

We are game business analysts and business development consultants helping game studios to set-up and run successful game-as-a-service Live Operations. Our goal is to deeply understand and effectively address business challenges of fast-growing game studios.

Ivan Trancik

founder at Cellense

Entrepreneur, game business analyst and gamer - in the last four years Ivan helped to establish effective analytics and LiveOps departments in several fast-growing game studios around the world such as Keen Software House, Housemarque, Ximad, Eipix, Pixel Federation, helping them to analyze tens-of-millions players on their flagship titles in the process.

You could hear him speak at various conferences about current trends in game business analytics, Live Ops and eSports.

Past talks

GDC San Francisco '15 (Player Analytics - The New META)
Reboot Develop '15 (Games that adapt to the player's skill)
eSports Europe '15 (The Keys to Effective Player Retention in eSports Games)
Reboot Develop '16 in Split, Croatia
eSports Europe '16 in London, UK
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